Linda Lai & the Floating Projects Collective

Linda Lai is a research-based inter-disciplinary artist. Her artistic practices are theoretical extensions of her doctoral training in cinema studies, and focus on the politics of narrativity via the art of montage and experimental historiography. She founded the Writing Machine Collective in 2004 and Floating Projects in 2015 along with the Floating Projects Collective.

Floating Projects Collective (FP) is an art production site of collaborative-individuated art experiments under an inter-disciplinary and inter-media principle. In the form of an open-door charity coffee and reading corner, FP investigates questions of space and being. The collective has over a dozen members.

LOST TEXTURES, 2019 (17/F-15/F)

Linda Lai & the Floating Projects Collective presents a new commissioned work titled Lost Textures, based on collaborative research examining the vernacular histories of the neighbourhood around Queen’s Road Central. Imagery is presented in the format of a collage/relief, matching Hong Kong’s former coastlines with street maps of Hong Kong Island, along with a description of a walk through Queen’s Road Central back in 1934. Two single channel videos containing footage from an old Cantonese melodrama are also on view in order to experiment with the narratives of fragmentary posing, gestures and mannerisms.

Lost Textures, 2019



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