Born in Hong Kong in 1978, Lam Tung Pang is a Hong Kong artist who currently lives and works in London and Hong Kong. He studied Fine Art at The Chinese University of Hong Kong before undertaking a Master'S of Art degree at the Central St Martins College of Art, London in 2004.

As one of the founders of the Fotanian movement, his works are mostly related to specific situations in collective memory and social contents. Though he paints in the style of Chinese landscapes, Lam does not try to embrace the classical cultural tradition. On the contrary, his oeuvre demonstrates how he oscillates between one aesthetic to another and integrates the different contradictory fluxes of a society in constant movement - journey and landscape are essential as passages between places and times, memories and dreams.

Lam has exhibited extensively worldwide and has works in throughout private and public collections including Deutsche Bank, Hong Kong Museum of Art as well as commission work by the Hong Kong Legislative Council. Lam is the first Chinese artist to win the Hunting Art Prize in the UK and is also one of the few Hong Kong artists to have exhibited at the Tate Modern. In addition, he was awarded the Asian Cultural Council Fellowship, is recognized for his contributions to the development of culture and arts by The Secretary for Home Affairs and was awarded the award for Best Artist (Visual Arts) by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council.

His recent projects include Disappeared Hong Kong Art series, The Curiosity Box (New York, San Francisco and Hong Kong) and painting on plywood.



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