İnci Eviner

Born in 1956 in Ankara, Turkey and currently based in Istanbul, İnci Eviner is known for her multidisciplinary practice that includes everything from drawings and videos to performative and collaborative art. In her work, she delves into various themes, including the politics of desire and disaster, space, female identity, masculinity, as well as subjectivity and its potentiality. Many of her multilayered pieces originate from drawings. As an artist, she is aware that the traumas of our time – through which we’re living – demand a new kind of listening and witnessing.

‘Ordinary Condition’ (2016)
Presented by İnci Eviner (Pearl Lam Galleries)

İnci Eviner creates everything from drawings to performances to video works, all of which explore themes of desire, gender and power – especially the power that men hold over women and the female body. Much of Eviner’s work is inspired by American philosopher and gender theorist Judith Butler, who theorized that we all “perform” our gender and that neither masculinity nor femininity is inherent. ‘Ordinary Condition’, a recent three-channel video work, focuses on the concept of masculinity and investigates the effects this idea has on people – both men and women – in everyday life. The video depicts a series of repetitive and seemingly unrelated scenes, including everything from a man crying to a canary hiding in a tunnel to a crowd investigating the site of a bomb explosion. All of these disjointed scenes take place in a barren, otherworldly landscape.



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